Do women like men with shaved balls. I gave him a dirty look and said, I think you're stretching my pantyhose out, take them off.

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It makes the assumption that an epidemic of rape is spread universally across the globe. We love the un-expected kiss.

They are mens clothing.

When you don't, you have just waved a red flag in front of an already pissed off bull. And why sexy women suspenders posters of this ilk always claim to be 'married and have 3 kids'? Men shouldn't know what it feels like to wear pantyhose at all.

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Thank you for not pointing it out.

All kidding aside, we want you old women that want sex be happy with your shirts and your Roadkill shopping experience. So shaving the hair completely may leave exposed cuts in the skin, but TRIMMING the hair may help to keep the groin cooler and much more comfortable as the clothes in modern day Earth actually cut most of the friction for us. But if they're in a dress, more often than not, it's bare legs.

If you want to impress a girl, tell her you've heard of Say Yes to the Dress and leave it at that.

Average women boobs I never accomplished anything in life until I gave up this nasty habit. Oh, and to answer my original question. If you do all this rightyour dick will be like a Chef Ramsey dessert after she just had a 5 star 3 course meal.

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Y don't u cut them all

But im open to debate, in face ive got a challenge for you crazy ladies, if any of you can convince me that all men need to be castrated, i'll go and get myself fixed, no lie, ill have someone cut my balls off. Instead of trying to ejaculate into a woman so damn much, harness nude women pictures xxx sexual energy and ejaculate your great work into the world.

Eminent European medical men also support the statement of the Yogins of India.

Sometime sarcastic is offensive Since 10, I watched a amateur large women sex upper-body-naked copulation scenes mostly western, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japanese which were prevalent in TV dramas and movies. As a result I am exhausted throughout the day, but from a job well done in all aspects of my life.

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But the pantyhose market was cornered by women.

Getting excited by tabernash Rich The answer is YES they like to wear pantyhose.

I would have no complaints about being castrated, and would completly Anonymous Apr 22 2:

Don't know what talking about Moses has to do with anything, but I guess when you hit a nerve, things like that will come up. Who doesn't like a candy bar?

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A woman is like a midth century antique musket, without the proper maintenance she will rust and fall apart.

Jessie Harris January 12, 5: Just how you like your boy time, we like our girl time. It feels good for a moment and causes pain for a lifetime. If you are making out with a girl and she didn't shave her legs, you have great game.

Most women prefer a circimcised penis, and in a female-dominated world, circumcision is something that males would simply have to endure.

Foot rubs, back rubs, head rubs. I have to admit that I was a little confused about his comment.

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Been eating pussy like a Champ since I was

Bringing black coffee to us in bed is sexy, too. It can be argued that tobacco kills more people than murder, alcohol, car accidents, heroin and suicide combined. Anonymous "Men can wear pantyhose and put up with the runs, the snags, and the itching if they're also willing to carry and deliver babies.

Thongs and G-strings Post photos of Thongs and G-strings and discuss the photos and styles here.

That would be her death sentance! We often have to change them because the ones we originally loved have become too popular and we want our child to be one-of-a-kind.

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Anonymous Jun 06 2:

No war, no crime. Very well written, researched and put together sir. Your nipples make no sense to us. To us, romance isn't dead.

I can't say for sure how they fit on guys, but I do know they tend to be tight in the crotch.

Mabel I want to testify of what a spell caster did for me and my hubby. I don't wear shorts, but would love to in the summer.

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I guess because you've never been required to wear them before, you might see them as a novelty.

Women should accept their station in life and be happy knowing their protection and comfort is due to a man's nuts. Your email address will not be published.

Recognize a pornstar in this video?

Luce Melendez, 22, New York. Anonymous No, they do not like wearing them. I always walk with a solid sure step.

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However that only protects from minor invaders such as vaginal fluid, minor dust, most bacteria.

I noticed there's some nifty ways of castrating one's man, animal husbandry really is every woman's essential study. Quote movies only when absolutely necessary. It up to you to wear or bisexual test for women, i do wear cos my legs are really bad as tights also support tights help me a lots, dont be afraid as it yer business not anyone.

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  1. They are sheer, smooth, slippery excellent nylons. We don't want to get married tomorrow, either. Finally built up the courage

  2. Scrotal hair aides testicular temp as well. Giving us a backrub is a far more eloquent way of asking. We want to flirt with them.

  3. Sep 01 Male Aug 16 8: You become addicted to this death-spasm like people become addicted to heroin.

  4. Masturbation is not a sin against God or an act of immorality. This is about locking up in the restroom, masturbating, and flushing your semen in the toilet and the price you have to pay for doing so. Please send any copyright reports to: Who are you to pretend people are not honest, lying and the likes.

  5. Men are sometimes born with a shorter foreskin, leaving the tip of their genitalia exposed, However all men are born with pubic hair. It won't work on all men of course. I totally concur with the Wicking Virtue of Pubes.

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